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Damaris AM presents its new application Damaris Mobile



Damaris AM recently presented its new product Damaris Mobile. Everyone can download and use the application on smartphones and tablets. Damaris Mobile is available on two platforms: iOS (iOS 7.1 and above) and Android.After downloading the application,you should connect and choose the preferred language( English, French, German, Romanian ).

With Damaris Mobile application you can manage your archive, search and find documents on your mobile.


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The digitization of Survey Documents



Damaris Group is honored to collaborate with the company Portal GeoFoncier. He introduces himself as a unique wicket of geographic information in France.

The teams of Damaris/Scan Concept are doing sorting plans to digitize among all other archived documents. Using appropriate scanners, documents are scanned according to the precise specifications.

Damaris Business Service team take the responsibility to work with the documents of the society Portal GeoFoncier.

From the 10th of May Damaris Business Service team starts to treat more than 1 million documents, which will be registered and archived with its software based on the Web.

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The investments in IT sector of French-Armenian companies





24 Sep 2015

French Armenian International Network officially launched

 The French Armenian International Network (FAIR) was officially launched at a solemn ceremony at Rhone-Alpes Regional Parliament attended by President of the Rhône-Alpes Regional Council Jean-Jack Queyranne, Armenian Ambassador in France Vigen Chitechyan, ex-Ambassador of France in Armenia Henri Reynaud, a number of French Armenian and French businessmen, officials and journalists.

President of the association Aramazd Abedi said that the entrepreneurs representing different fields of economy will be involved in the activities of the structure.

Vice-President Hilda Tchoboian said the association aims to promote economic synergies between the business entrepreneurs of the Rhone-Alpes region and their
counterparts in Armenia for the creation of a regional hub providing access to the region’s markets, such as Georgia, Iran, and other CIS countries.

The worldwide networking of FAIR shall include the still-untapped economic potential of the Armenian diaspora, from the Middle-East countries to the Americas, as well as the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Ambassador Chitechyan said that the Association will help promote the existing economic cooperation between Armenia and France, taking note of the new realities. He added that Armenia’s membership in the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) will provide French companies with an access to EEU markets.

The Ambassador stressed that “Armenia is ready to support the association by creating favorable conditions for all interested parties.”


The Franco-Armenians of Rhone-Alpes created their business network: FAIR

Aramazd Abedi,the CEO of Damaris and the president of FAIR, Jean-Claude Parunakian leader of the health cluster and services Maedis and the treasurer of the new Franco-Armenian business network.

It will be officially launched Wednesday on the 23-th of September in area /regional hotel. The heads of French-Armenian business decided to create their network, which they called FAIR or France Arménie International Réseau( France Armenia International Network). But there is no question of communitarianism. This is an open network to non-Armenians, to Armenia, also to Iran and countries where there is a diaspora . “The armenians are well known for the Genocide, for their history and for their integration faculty and even for their artistic talents. But their ability to become economic players is unknown and underused by the community itslef.” Aramazd Abedi,the CEO of Damaris and Jean-Claude Parunakian leader of the health cluster and services Maedis decided with some other entrepreneurs to take the bull by the horns. “It seemed appropriate to sketch a face of our community this year ,reflecting modern economic dynamics ,which is different from the people, who had the genocide, traditionally rooted in public opinion”,-says Aramazd Abedi ,the elected president of the new association. For him the economic dynamism of the French-Armenian community should be highlighted,-“ It is now hard to ignore that part of the community which is responsible for the material survival. In other terms, the ones who undertake create wealth, companies, jobs and the ones who deploy professional skills.” “We are an association which has the objective to identify, to materialize and to represent the potential of the local economy, also the economy in Rhône-Alpes in relation with Armenia. We want to make our expertise and knowledge available to our members.



The Mayor of Lyon City visited DAMARIS AM

On 18 July 2011 M. Senator Gerard Collomb the Mayor of Lyon City and S.E. M. Henri Reynaud the Ambassador of France in Armenia visited DAMARIS AM. Many responsible people and advisors from Lyon in the section of urban, culture, community and others accompanied the Mayor in this visit.

During this invitation, Mr. Aramazd Abedi the general director of DAMARIS AM presented all activities and services of DAMARIS group to the all members of this delegation. M. Collomb showed huge interest in all process of Documents Electronic Archiving DAMARIS tools and actively asked questions about the applied software packages. After the presentation both of invited M. Gerard Collomb and M. Henri Reynaud shared their friendly and success wishes with the members of company.


Damaris AM office is located in Yerevan’s Viaspher Technopark. During this invitation Technopark’s general director Mr. Tony Moroyan also presented some details about history and prospects of their company in ICT community in Armenia.



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