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Damaris Archives

Damaris Archives is a unique tool of Logistics and Archive Management of your documents.

It refers to the management of storage place, payments, consultations, document returns, as well as their final destination according to defined criteria and the type of a document.



Damaris Accounts Payable

Damaris Accounts Payable helps you to archive all the documents during the chain of purchase processing.


Damaris Accounts Payable assure you of:

·         Capture scanned invoices images and retrieve in Intranet

·         Manage the approbation workflow via the internal messaging

·         Supervise and validate the records by the budget responsible via electronic payment

·         Activate automatically the payment process

·         Create an automatic link between numerical documents and accountancy tools

·         Communicate with the partners by personalized mailing mechanism concerning invoice payments.


Damaris E-Billing

DAMARIS E-BILLING processes Sales related documents. It offers a fast and reliable documents retrieval tool. Damaris E-BILLING archives and indexes all the documents outgoing from your IT packages. Damaris E-BILLING guarantees data integrity. Thanks to safe electronic storage, it provides legal documents copy. Damaris E-BILLING accelerates the decision making process for your customers by giving access to all their commercial legal documents


Damaris Human Ressources

Damaris HR is an ideal tool, giving the opportunity to manage and consult employees’ documents within the organization.

Damaris HR enables you to create and develop electronic files related to HR management, including salary bulletins, personal files, labor contracts and other materials.

Thanks to this tool of HR management, you can reproduce all the documents that you need regardless the ERP system and other informational choices.

Thus the authorized users are able to view, to print, to send or to seal the documents whenever they need.


Damaris Global Solution

Damaris Global Solution is a unique tool of archiving and logistics management of physical and digital records. This tool offers a consultation module via Intranet or Client / Server. Damaris Archives is a true management table for an archivist.

Damaris Global Solution gives you an opportunity to realize a digitalization of the records when needed.

Damaris Transport

Damaris Transports manages the digitization of the receipts, bills and invoices. These documents are archived and available for your clients.

The treatment of this kind of documents is crucial for any organization that is why their use and reproduction need to be done in an effective manner.

Damaris Cash Processing

Secure chain of the payments processing (checks, transfers, etc.)

Damaris Cash Processing manages the treatment of the payment process starting from the invoice issue.

This solution is compatible with all the accounting tools in the market. This solution doesn’t depend of the bank choice.

This solution gives you an opportunity to issue the files in CSV format (which is compatible with accounting system) and TLMC format for the banks.

Web Site Developement


·         Website creation(Internet,Intranet and Extranet)

·         Website designing(Internet,Intranet and Extranet)

·         Use Java Tomcat technology

·         Joomla(PHP Framework)

·         Maintenance and support services


CRM Solutions


Installation, training and maintenance of CRM package, prepare good abilities for providing safe and effective relationship with customers.

·  Customer and prospects database.

·  Log all exchanges done with contacts.

·  Create different lists and categories to manage some marketing campaigns.

·  Create and organize campaigns.

·  Document archiving.

·  Statistics.

·  Offers and Orders Management






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