Professional Services


Project management


          The guarantee of successful completion of projects from placing your order until the final recipe.


Digitization and Workflow Consultant


           True decision support provided by experienced consultants in the areas of document dematerialization, scanning, indexing, Business Process Management and Outsourcing.

           Dematerialization (SaaS mode) online or on your servers.


Records Management and Archival Training

            Train your teams on the best practices for managing legal documents.


Damaris solution’s maintenance

Use your solution setting up with confidence

Damaris facilities have a high level of reliability with less than two faults per year and per site.

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Damaris SA head office & BOQIS

9, chemin du Jubin 69570 DARDILLY France
Phone: +33/4 78 64 5151
Fax: +33/4 78 66 2880

Damaris AM

Arshakuniats 41 Yerevan Armenia
Phone/Fax: (+3741) 44 57 64
Mobile: (+37491) 22 41 87

Scan Concept & Arca Records Management

SC - 23 avenue Louis Bréguet 78140 Velizy-Villacoublay France
ARM - 4 Rue Gaspard Monge 38550 St: Mauris l'Exil
Phone: +33/8 90 39 11 45